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St Tropez is the market leader of false tans in the UK and around the world. It has won numerous awards including 'Best Fake Tan' at the 2005 She Beauty Awards (over $30 category) and 'Best Fake Tan 2002' from Cleo Australia.

To suit your preference we have either the traditional in-salon 'Scrub and Rub' tanning treatment or the St Tropez Spray On available in full or half body application.

As Beauty on the Strand was the very first importer/distributor of St Tropez Tan to New Zealand, we are very experienced in tanning. So rest assured, you are in safe hands! Simply call our salon in Mission Bay to make a booking.

St Tropez Application - 3 Easy Steps To The Perfect Tan

Step 1
Body polisher 
Create a longer lasting tan by exfoliating all dead skin cells. Designed with large round beads, the St Tropez polisher will leave your skin smooth and soft with a gorgeous fragrance.

Step 2
Body moisturiser with L-Tyrosine 
A blend of botanicals and essential oils with an L-Tyrosine/aloe vera base, L-Tyrosine enhances colour and replenishes lost moisture helping to maintain your tan. The body moisturiser teams up with the auto-bronzant to custom blend colour to match your skin tone. If applied daily your tan will last longer and smell divine.

Step 3 Option 1
Tinted self tanner 
This step ensures a streak-free tan that will last 7-14 days. 

It is aloe vera based and quick drying, conveniently formulated in one maximum-strength shade that can be custom blended with St Tropez moisturiser to your own desired shade. 

It will even hide stretch marks, varicose veins and uneven skin tone.
Step 3 Option 2 
Whipped bronze mousse 
This self-adjusting mousse is streak-free, instant-drying and can be applied anytime. Ideal for the entire body including the face. It is light and fluffy on application with a green tinge to allow you to see if you have applied too much. Once blended into the skin it dries in 60 seconds and develops over 3 hours. It is fantastic for men as it won't stick to body hair. The tanning products offers 75% strength and lasts 3-7 days. It won the 'Best Fake Tan Award 2002' from Cleo Australia. 
Step 3 Option 3
Bronzing mist

This instant self-tanning spray mist can be sprayed up-side down for hard to reach areas and is handy for a touch-up. 

Your natural looking tan will last 3 days.

DIY Application Steps

Follow the directions below for tinted self-tanning lotion. Follow the directions on the bottles when using the whipped mousse or bronzing mist.
It may take experimentation to figure out how much to use, how dark to go and where to start and stop the application. Plan where you will tan. 

Experiment with a small section of skin to see how it responds to the self-tanner and your technique. 

Exfoliate your entire body with the body polisher, concentrating on drier areas, knees elbows and ankles. Shave legs 24 hours before application. 

Girl applying fake tan
Apply moisturiser to knees, feet, elbows and ankles first so the tan won't grab.  
Apply either auto-bronzant or mousse. Start at the lower legs and work up over thighs and apply the last traces of tan to knees and feet (use plenty of moisturiser in these areas). Feather around the base of your ankles and feet.
Girl applying fake tan
Apply tanner to stomach, bust and up onto neck. Apply to arms, then face. We recommend a small amount of moisturiser on the neck and face, especially around the edge of hairline to soften the colour.
Remove gloves and apply moisturiser to backs of hands. Add tanner - feathering around edges, then wipe palms with a damp cloth.
With the auto-bronzant, wait 20-30 minutes before getting dressed so you don't 'tan' your clothing. Remove excess colour with the buffing mitt.
The mousse is instant drying so you can get dressed straight away. 

St Tropez FAQ

Will a St Tropez tan protect me from the sun?
No. When using the auto-bronzant your skin will appear tanned, even though it's not. This is an artificial tan. It is important to use the St Tropez SPF 15 Sport Lotion to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays.

How long after the application can I go in water or sweat?
A minimum of 6 hours is required.

Can pregnant or nursing mother use St Tropez sunless tanner?
DHA (the active ingredient) has been used in cosmetics in the United States since 1960 and no problem has ever been reported concerning DHA penetrating the skin, or causing problems during pregnancy.

Will St Tropez stain my pyjamas or sheets straight after application?
The auto-bronzant will stain some fabrics straight after application, for example nylon, silk, wool and polyester. However, a good soaking in water will usually lift the auto-bronzant from the fabric. Cotton is fine.

Why do I need a body polisher - why can't I use a loofah? 
Using the body polisher ensures smoother, softer skin for the auto-bronzant application. This results in an even and longer lasting tan. Loofahs do not conform to the body and will result in an uneven exfoliation, creating a 'zebra' look.

How long will the auto-bronzant 240ml last?
On an average-size person using it twice a week on arms, chest and legs it will last for 3 months.

I like my St Tropez tan, but I want it darker.
If you want it darker, simply reapply the auto-bronzant 3 nights consecutively.

I like my St Tropez tan just the way it is - how do I keep it?
Make sure you moisturise every day. For optimum results use the St Tropez body moisturiser. The L-Tyrosine will activate your skin's melanin thereby creating a longer lasting tan. Reapply tanner once or twice a week and exfoliate to reduce build-up.

Should I be scared if my tan looks streaky as it's drying?
No! Don't worry if you look streaky as it's drying. This is normal. As long as you rubbed it to a creamy consistency, have left it moist and have covered all the areas you wish to be tanned, you will be fine! Streaks simply mean that the auto-bronzant is drying. Resist your temptation to rub it in or smooth it out. Once it is buffed off (in a spa setting) it will be beautiful. Trust us!
You will step out of our salon in Mission Bay looking like a bronzed goddess with St Tropez tanning products! To learn more, call 09 366 0138.
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