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Our team brings the exclusive Matis Paris range to you in Mission Bay

Matis Paris is a unique world of beauty created with a blend of exceptional know-how, very rich formulas and optimal performance products.

It is also the pleasure of treating the senses with dreamlike textures, calming smells and colours that transforms daily skin care into an intensely relaxing experience.

It is the promise to each man and woman using our skin care lines, to offer total freedom to find his or her own personal beauty world. Matis Paris draws upon all of nature’s riches: Aromatherapy, Phyto-therapy, Vitaminotherapy and Oligo-therapy, to create harmony and balance for your skin.

It is currently the fastest selling range in France and the leading salon brand in numerous other countries. Now you can experience the Matis Paris effect for yourself thanks to  Boutique Beauty on the Bay in Mission Bay.

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Response Cleaning

Firstly we recommend using the following: make-up removers, lotions, exfoliation care products and face packs that prepare your skin to receive the full benefits of our Youth Response beauty care range.
Removing make-up everyday is essential, ridding your skin of impurities that have built up throughout the day and enabling it to breathe.
Used 2 to 3 times a week, according to your skin type, our face packs and exfoliation care products are precious allies in making you look good immediately.
You will have clean skin that breathes and is ready to fight the ravages of time.

Response - The Range

Matis Youth grain product
Matis response cleansing gel
Youth Response Line
This range relies on dual action treatment - using both a serum and a cream - for maximum benefits and beautiful skin.

The serums are used prior to the cream, soaking deep into your skin while the cream protects the surface of your skin.

Eye Contour Line
The area around the eye is especially sensitive and vulnerable, much more so than other areas, requiring special care.

With its 7 products, the exclusive Matis eye contour line very extensive and highly effective. It was designed and developed by the Matis Research Centre with care and professionalism, to be suitable for even the most sensitive eyes. 

It is exceptionally well-tolerated because it respects ocular pH and only uses very gentle ingredients.


To help you control your skin's sensitivity, the Matis Research Centre has developed Delicate, a line of 8 beauty care products for sensitive, delicate and reactive skins. The Delicate line's mission is to teach your skin the meaning of comfort once more.
Its 3 key unique characteristics are:
  • "serenity" active ingredients including marine plants and other high technology, high performance active ingredients 
  • "sensual delight" soft textures that caress your skin 
  • "peaceful" fragrances that envelop you in relaxing perfumes 
If you are looking for a stockist of exclusive Matis Paris skin care products, drop into our Mission Bay salon, call 09 366 0138 or order online today!
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