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Get great skin with the Institut Dermed programme at our Mission Bay salon

What is your perfect skin care diet? The answer: an easy 3-step programme!
Institut Dermed's philosophy is that beautiful skin is healthy skin. In order to achieve beautiful, healthy skin an easy 3-step 'Age Later Programme' of Diet, Exercise and Maintenance is adopted. This programme is designed to deliver ingredients to the skin daily for optimal skin health. Read on for more information or speak to the friendly team at Boutique Beauty on the Bays in Mission Bay.

An easy 3-step programme!

Step 1: Diet
(Daily Programme) 

The DIET will consist of an array of highly active ingredients designed to exfoliate, even out skin tone, build collagen, moisturise, protect, prevent, correct and nourish all layers within the skin. The goal is to create a skin care regimen encompassing all the ingredients found in the Institut Dermed Diet wheel. The multi-functional qualities of many Institut Dermed products allow the creation of such a programme with just 4 simple products to take home. The skin needs a daily dose of these ingredients to deliver maximum nutrition for maximum benefits.

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Step 2: Exercise
(Treatment Series)

The EXERCISE consists of a series of 5-6 professional clinical lifting and/or peeling treatments to resurface, refresh, renew and regenerate the skin on a deeper level than what can be achieved at home. 

These treatments are performed by our certified Institut Dermed skincare therapists.

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Step 3: Maintenance
(Monthly Treatment)

The MAINTENANCE comprises monthly professional treatments to maintain the ongoing health of the skin. The skin cells turn over and build up every 28-40 days, depending on age. 

Therefore, a maintenance resurfacing treatment is recommended either monthly or every six weeks for optimal skin health.

More about Institut Dermed

Institut Dermed launched in 1994 is an extensive line of cosmetic skin and body products containing the highest concentration of dermatology tested ingredients available without a prescription.
Expect to see immediate, visible improvement in age related skin conditions!
Wide range of product and treatment options so everything is customised to suit you!
Discover your perfect skin care diet with the Institut Dermed programme at our beauty salon in Mission Bay. For more information, please call 09 366 0138.
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