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Facial Treatments

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Discover our luxurious facial treatments at Mission Bay's favourite beauty salon

Boutique Beauty on the Bays believes that beautiful skin is healthy skin! A good skin care routine practiced regularly helps keep skin healthy by:
  • Keeping the outer layer clean, smooth and soft 
  • Ensuring there is enough moisture in the outer layers 
  • Feeding living cells and tissues with a healthy supply of blood 
  • Helping skin resist infection 
  • Providing protection from external damage from the elements 
    A monthly professional facial can offer many additional benefits.
    We provide a range of facial treatments for all skin types and conditions.

    When you visit our salon in Mission Bay, we will advise you on which facial is best for you and your needs for your skin on that day.

    With every facial you will enjoy a 10 minute face, neck and shoulder massage to further enhance the relaxing and stress relieving effects of your facial. Each facial lasts for one hour or more.


    Matis Discovery Facial (45 mins)
    An introductory facial to our gorgeous Matis range. Great gift voucher idea!

    Intensive Unifying/Detoxifying Algae Treatment (1 hour)
    A targeted treatment to help remove roughness, imperfections and fine lines & to help decongest skin resulting in renewed refreshed skin.
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    Firm and Lift Facial (1 hour 15 mins)
    Recommended for those needing a lift or firm up resulting in perfect pre-party facial radiance and firmer skin
    Anti-age Eye Treatment
    An intensive eye conditioning treatment to deeply hydrate and assist with the alleviation of dark circles or any puffiness. You'll see fantastic results!
    $89 (Combine with a facial for only $49)
    CAVIAR Deluxe Facial (90 mins)
    Pure luxury facial includes a Matis Fruit Acid Peel to begin and application of the Caviar Pearls and Caviar Mask. Great for hydration, smoothness and softness & perfect prior to a special event. 


    The advanced course of Microdermabrasion treatments helps combat all skin concerns, from open pores and blackheads to dryness and dehydration to fine lines and wrinkles. The results are outstanding and visible! Our prices for single treatments are:
    • Face - $120 (Includes AHA/BHA Mask)
    • Face and neck - $130
    • Face, neck and upper chest area - $160

      Microdermabrasion courses

      Prepay for your course upfront and receive a 10% discount on diamond courses
      • Course of 6 (Face only) - $599
      • Course of 10 (Face only) - $849
      Coming in for treatment once a week for a 6 or 10 week period has been scientifically proven to stimulate your collagen and elastin skin fibres. This promotes an anti-ageing effect on your skin at both a deeper level and for you to see topically. 

      Microdermabrasion treatments are not only for anti-ageing. Improvements will also be seen in acne scar tissues, open pores or acne prone skin types.

      We encourage a course of a minimum of 6 treatments for a real physical skin improvement that you will see and even your friends will notice and comment on!

      Institut Dermed clinical facials

      Salon Only Glycolic Peel (30 mins)
      Ideal treatment to remove dead skin cell build-up, leaving skin soft and smooth. Perfect for an Oily skin!

      Salon Only Lactic Acid Peel (30 mins)
      To refresh and revive your skin; perfect for dry, dehydrated and pigmented skin types

      Brightening Facial (1 hour)
      Ideal for sun damaged and pigmented skin, resulting in improved skin texture, tone and appearance of fine lines

      Clarifying Facial
      Ideal for problem prone skin, resulting in gradual clarifying of blemishes and overall skin re-texturisation

      Hydrating/Sensitive Facial (1 hour)
      A super-hydrating treatment that recharges dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin

      Spa Level Enzyme Peels - Pumpkin or Herbal Peel
      Creates a clear, clean and more vibrant skin, get radiant results without causing inflammation or irritation

      Retinol + Peel or Diamond Peel
      An ideal facial for dry, mature, acne scarred or sun damaged skin; vitamin A enriched to reduce signs of ageing and scarring leaving skin revitalised and renewed

      Milla/Blackhead Extractions
      Removal of these impurities by your experienced therapist; performed in any of the above facial treatments. Skin must be softened first to add extractions
      $1.25 per min

      To obtain optimum results for acne scarring breakouts or skin damage the importance of using Institut Dermed Skincare at home between treatments is emphasised.

      Specialised Peel Treatments

      Boutique Beauty on the Bays offers specialised facial courses for acne, sun damaged or scarred skins. Problem skin types respond much more positively to weekly courses of facials as they require more in-depth treatments. Talk to us for:
      Salon Only AHA Peel (course of 6)
      Buy 6 treatments and only pay for 5! - $385

      Priori Pro Peel (course of 6 treatments at 45 mins each)
      For maximum skin benefits, a course of 6 Priori Peels offers unmatched and immediate radiance along with softness and luminosity - $599

      Institut Dermed Intensive Facial Treatment Course
      Buy 6 treatments and only pay for 5! - $795

      A series of 6 weekly one hour facials designed to deliver anti-ageing, anti-pigment or anti-acne results.

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      Treat your skin to some TLC! To book a facial, call 09 366 0138.
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